Arts Foundation

   Arts Foundation, A professional Dance company composed of two  choreographers, The company's strength comes from their artistic ​diversity: in dance,music and theatrical expressions as well as their ​Unlike intimacy. The combination of Nigerian cultural,urban movement ​and the modern culture creates an awareness in multiculturalism. Their plan is to make you discover the richness of two cultures. We intend pursuing higher understanding in combining the body's ​vocabulary expression, and not eluding the salacious aspect in wanting to deprive ones capacity to abandon the soul to create awareness in a giving movement. Dance could be as well predicated with the ability to restitution i:e in the corporal language there are deformations and formations ,changes, and origins which leads to a projection of images that are pregnant with meanings giving or assumed.       ​   

             Together with influences from my Nigerian Yoruba background and ​ modern dance techniques, we propose to ​imply and generate fusion in this method of corporal language with ​intentions to project and create dance vocabularies that shows vivid ​imagination of the past,present and future, bringing the combination ​of history that as been told and will be shared., i am born and breed in a Nigerian environment  that shows an attachment in the typical way of creating awareness to the curious public).so we  bring forth,and propose experimental procedures of our insight in the vast information we can acquire in the act of Dance and movements, specifically the combination of Nigerian and modern dances. A platform to produce and execute.


Our aims and objectives is to focus our conscience mind in perceiving dance vocabulary in unconventional venues and urban spaces, to create a sort of avant garde and innovative dance structures.We want to emphasize our artistic views as town cryers with steadfast information of physiological and philosophical aspect in dance forms.





Born in Toulouse an Algerian father and French mother, Sarah Awaiye discovered dance at age of 5 years which was obvious given the fact of her abilities to apprehend dance moves. Her instinct leads her to draw strength from deep within herself in other to combine movement and soul which became one. Because of her origins - French Maghreb, she faces two cultural models that allow her to find her own artistic identity. After training at Toulouse in contemporary dance, modern, jazz and classical training , she worked for various choreographers including Karine Saporta. Her career path led her to dancing for some productions and collaboration with different companies,Tv and musical shows . In 2011, Sarah and Kehinde founded their own company which allows the couple to deal with their differences so that the borders are illuminated to achieve harmony.




Born in the light of Africa (Nigeria),kehinde Awaiye is strongly influenced by the Yoruba culture from which he draws his energy and natural sense of rhythm. He debuted his career as an actor and singer (lead role in a musical comedy Sukusu, Ibifaka and a lead role in a TV series (mind pool) produced by Bodillon Bolio of the Nigerian National Television .In movements we can trace the influence of his Yoruba culture that allows him to enrich his work. He meets Heddy Maalem in a Festival Dance Dance Meet at a hearing in Nigeria, and collaborated with him in creating a dance piece "The Rite of Spring" in Mali, a creation which was performed more than 200 times worldwide. During that period, alternatively, he enrolled in a dance school to enhance his already aquired techniques in contemporary dance at the National School of Music and Dance in La Rochelle France and obtained a Diploma in the faculte of lettres, languages ,arts et humain science at the university of la rochelle. He worked with Régine Chopinot (WATT) choreography with the french producer Michel Ocelot and the English choreographer Wayne Mc Gregore from which he learned the manipulation of puppets under the direction of Philippe Genty,the french-british stage manager Irina Brook,George Momboye and paticipated in a number of musical comedy.currently in collaboration with an italian choreographer Monica Casadei for a piece (LA DOPPIA NOTTE)and in research for a residence for his work in progress,while giving dance session and classes in Africa and different European countries and in china.